Kenneth Robert Byers

Kenneth Byers is a senior and founding partner Daley, Byers Barristers and Solicitors.  The firm has offices throughout southern Ontario and their criminal lawyers will travel to wherever their services are sought. In fact there are very few courts in the Province that Ken Byers personally has not attended.

In criminal defence law, Ken has developed a respected reputation as a protector of civil liberties.  His practice encompasses all areas of criminal law.  His B.Sc. in physics sets him apart from his counterparts and with this science background he is able to take on the most technical challenges whether it relates to the operation of a breathalyzer instrument, engineering accident reconstruction, or forensic analysis of various types.  He is likely the only defence counsel in Ontario who has been qualified as an expert in the legal defence of drinking and driving offences by the Ontario Court of Justice, where he has been called as an expert witness.

However, his expertise is not limited to driving related charges.  He has successfully defended charges in all areas of criminal law including small and large drug cases involving ocycontin, crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana etc, serious gun importation and possession charges, million dollar fraud allegations, domestic assault, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, robbery to name but a few.

"Incredible Lawyer. He did exactly what he said he was going to do, he had empathy for my situation and I truly felt like he wanted to help me. He is very knowledgeable and keenly aware of the justice system. While this can be a very stressful time, I put my faith in Mr Byers and he delivered the end result - which is the most important thing. I highly recommend Mr Byers."

"Hi Ken, I want to convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to you personally for your representation and getting what is truly a favourable outcome. I am pleased that we decided to seek legal counsel to minimize the impact of this unfortunate event. I really appreciated the time you took with us to answer all our questions and am amazed at how quickly you were able to bring this matter to a close. Thank you."

When choosing a lawyer there are a number of factors for you to consider some of which are:

  1.  Experience:  there is no replacement for experience.  An experienced lawyer knows the lay of the land and he has defended similar type cases.  He has appeared before most of the judges and dealt with most of the Crown attorneys and his reputation precedes him.  Ken Byers has been practicing criminal law since 1981. (over 32 years).
  2. Value:  There must be value of the payment provided.  Expertise, experience and ability are crucial.  There is a significant difference between the cost of a service and the value received for the cost of a service.
  3. Confidence:  every client must feel reassured that their issues will be taken care of in a professional and competent manner.  Lawyers must play by the rules of law, however, within those boundaries anything goes.  Ken Byers will use the law to your advantage.  If there is a way to win it, he will find it.
  4. Communication is also crucial.  Clients need to know that they will receive timely updates and that the channels of communication are always open.  Ken Byers has his cell phone available 24/7 and his clients are provided with that number.  His clients are also provided his personal e-mail along with that of his legal assistant.  The only time that he is not available to answer his phone is when he is in court or on vacation.  At those times, his phone is forwarded to an associate so that calls can and will be answered.  Clients are entitled to have their questions answered and to be kept abreast as to what is going on with their case.
  5. Conscientious:  It is important that your lawyer cares about your situation and is prepared to do what it takes to provide you with the best representation possible.  

“Every person who attends my office is looking for help; it is my job to provide it, take the stress away and give them the best defence possible.”  Ken Byers

Office Locations:
Toronto (3 locations, downtown, Scarborough, North York)
Niagara Falls
St. Catharines

Mr. Byers can be reached 24/7 at  1-877- LAW- 9111
1- 877-529 – 9111